Rainbow Tiger Reiki

Reiki Sessions

A Reiki session involves light contact between my hands and different parts of your body, from head to toe. Sometimes I’ll hold my hands above your body at various distances rather than touching. There is a general sequence of hand positions, but at any point I may depart from this depending on what the Reiki energy wants to do. You’ll lie fully clothed on a table so you can be completely relaxed. Sometimes I get impressions about things I feel and see intuitively that I’ll check out with you, and I may incorporate some breathing and/or awareness exercises during the session.

When you receive a session, you may just feel very relaxed and present. Or, emotions may come up (old conditioning being released). Or, sudden clarity may come (you see the solution to a problem you’ve been struggling with). Or, you may have great energy to do something you’ve been avoiding. Or, you may realize you haven’t been thinking for the past hour! Reiki can be used to support recovery from illnesses or surgery, to support emotional healing, to maintain health, to explore the roots of chronic conditions in your body, to help free you from addictions, or simply as a way to be more in touch with Stillness and Light.

Once in the flow of a session, there isn’t much sense of time. A session can last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on what’s happening. An initial session involves chatting for a while beforehand so I can get to know you and find out what brings you to Reiki, plus some followup time afterward to discuss the session and future plans, so it typically lasts an hour and half to two hours. My usual fee is $45 per session, but I offer a sliding scale for those without much income.

Reiki has become a daily part of my spiritual practice, and I hope you will discover the joys and benefits of it as well. Call or email and we’ll set up a time to get together.