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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Roots of Reiki

I’m very interested in the “pure” beginnings of Reiki, as well as modern developments. To further this exploration, I’ll be training in Jikiden Reiki at the end of April.

Jikiden Reiki is very, very close to what Usui taught. It was brought to the west by Tadao Yamaguchi, whose mother, Chiyoko, trained directly with Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 22 people given Master training directly from Usui himself. Hayashi also training Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the West but altered a lot of it to make it acceptable at the time to Westerners, and Western Reiki has changed even further since then. But the Jikiden lineage is very short, and as is customary in Japanese tradition, a great deal of emphasis is placed on maintaining the original training without change. From what I hear, although Jikiden Reiki retains its spiritual origins, it is especially effective on the physical level.

I’ll be training with Frank Petter, a very active Reiki Master and author, who is responsible for bringing Tadao Yamaguchi and Jikiden Reiki to this country.